So Basic Space has been open for proposals from NCAD students.We’ve already had about 300 hundred people through the doors to have a peep. Last years paint graduates left behind some lovely painted wood constructions that are now lighting up the warehouse in the dark evenings.

At the moment we’re running under the NCAD student insurance that coves student ‘furthering their studies’. We are purely art space, and look forward to seeing what that means to everyone!

Thank you to those who have submitted their plans for the space, its been great to get so much interest this early on. The aim for this is to be a really active creative place, where you have the freedom to go beyond the college grounds and work in a new environment. This is the opportunity for great art and crash n’ burn experiments.

The city is littered with locked empty buildings, now we have a key to one. Recessions have been known to trigger a strengthening of the arts, it’s a time where the possibility of money is always off the table so great new things can be tried and tested.

The Arts Council and Dublin city have heard about the artists strong interest in accessing the ghosts of the property boom. Limerick’s council is leaps ahead in its ‘creative limerick’ project because of the autonomy of one of its members. We need physical examples where artist are allowed access and make something out of nothing, so as to get that support from the Council.

These spaces are the most interesting blank canvases to be found, so whatever department you’ve been put in, this is an opportunity to work with/in the new Dublin.

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